Karcher 1.418-050.0 K3 Follow Me Review

The Karcher 1.418-050.0 K3 Follow Me is, in my opinion, a high quality electric pressure washer. We took the electric pressure for a test and this objective review is a result of that experience.


  • The Karcher 1.418-050.0 K3 Follow Me follows a four wheel design so that the washer can follow you with Karcher 1.418-050.0 K3minimal effort on your part. The pressure washer has a set of oversized rear wheels which work in combination with two front mounted casters for manoeuvrability. Indeed, there will be no need to keep lifting your washer, or even glancing back, as you move from one washing task to another in the yard.
  • The pressure washer’s N-Cor pump is made to offer you performance with its durable non-corrosive polymer material construction. The pump is also siphon capable, making it easy for you to draw water from either a standing or collected water source.
  • With its 1,800 PSI pressure pump, the Karcher 1.418-050.0 K3 Follow Me offers high pressure to wash off grime and dust. You can clean the driveway, your car, patio and garden furniture, walls and sculptures with ease.
  • The trigger gun enables you vary the pressure of the water jet so you only use as much cleaning force as you need for the task at hand.
  • For greater convenience, the Karcher 1.418-050.0 K3 Follow Me features a fully detachable, on-board detergent tank.
  • The electric washer is equipped with a child safety lock on the trigger gun.
  • Also equipped with a Quick Connect System for all hose connections. Setting up the washer is fast and easy, even for a non-technical home user.

What’s So Good About The Karcher 1.418-050.0 K3 Follow Me?

  • No need to keep lifting the pressure washer as you move from one task to another
  • Achieves high pressure without using too much water
  • Quiet operation compared to many gas powered pressure washers
  • Equally useful with water from a tap or from a collected source

What’s Not So Good About The Karcher 1.418-050.0 K3 Follow Me?

  • The hose supplied with the pressure washer is much shorter than the standard, though this is somewhat compensated by the “Follow Me” capability
  • The compressor is rather noisy

Is This A Great Purchase?

The Karcher 1.418-050.0 K3 Follow Me offers real value for money with its robust construction and all round performance. You can count on the pressure washer to deliver. As the above detailed review shows, it comes with a host of features and specifications which are convenient for a person who needs to do some cleaning.

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