Even My Grandmother Can Use The Best Rated Electric Pressure Washer 2016!

One of the best tools that make the hard task of cleaning really dirty areas simple, easy and quick is the electric pressure washer. This appliance makes these tasks much, much easier than using a scrubbing brush or broom and does a better job too.

When considering the purchase of an electric pressure washer it is important to think carefully about the purpose you require it for. A small, low-priced unit will be adequate for most general domestic cleaning tasks. If you are a professional cleaner then a sturdier higher powered model would be advisable.

Items to check when purchasing the best rated electric pressure washer are firstly, the length of the electrical cord supplied with the model you are investigating. This is important because you can only work to the full distance of the power cord unless you use extension cords, which is not advisable if working with water.

Rated Electric Pressure WasherSecondly, the best unit pump to look for is an Axial pump which is very durable with normal household use. These are found in the mid-priced units and will outlast the cheaper Wobble pumps. For professional use, the Triplex pump would be better to consider.

Further useful additions to look for in the kit you purchase are turbo-wands, roof lances, brushes which are rotary driven, and a choice of nozzle sizes and shapes. For hard to reach corners and roof areas a rotating head is ideal as rotating bristles make scrubbing down decks and patios much easier. Check that the hose connections and spray heads are metal as they wear much longer than the plastic ones do.

Hot water, with detergent, always makes the job of removing grime and grease much easier. You will find the best rated electric pressure washer, with its own heating element, will use room temperature water and heat it to 140F or 60C. These units are quite expensive and are mostly used by professional cleaners. If you have a large project to attack, it could be the best buy for your purpose.

For simply washing down your home’s outdoor areas, walls, and windows, the cold water, electric pressure washers are more than adequate. These models are usually lightweight, extremely portable and simple to operate. I know this from recent personal experience when using a similar unit. I was really pleased with the shiny clean deck, house walls, and windows that I was able to achieve with little effort. Previously, I would have had to employ someone to do these hard tasks because of the need to use a ladder to reach higher areas, but with the electric pressure washer, I was able to complete it alone.

Another of the great advantages of using an electric pressure washer is that it takes very little time to prepare for the tasks and there is no cleaning up afterward. Most models pack away very neatly for storage. As there is no fuel required in these electric models, there are no fumes created and the task is completed in no time at all. It makes for a quiet working environment as there is no motor noise either.

Cleaning the car is a simple exercise when using an electric pressure washer and takes only a short time and can be a task one of your children could do for pocket money. As these washers use 50% less water than an ordinary garden hose, this saves water and the extra pressure makes the job much easier and quicker.

After you have made the decision to buy an electric pressure washer, check the items mentioned above and also make sure a user manual and warranty is supplied with the purchase.

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