Ivation Electric Pressure Washer 2200 PSI 1.8 GPM Review

Are you in need of a modern electric power-washing system? Then you would want a device that’s easy to use and one that delivers cleaning power. The Ivation Electric Pressure Washer 2200 PSI 1.8 GPM is a product which, in my opinion, provides this.

Who Is This Product For?

Homeowners – Achieve a clean driveway, lawn equipment, patio, sidewalks, brick walkway and others.

Boat owners – For efficient and easy cleaning of your boat and deck.

Vehicle owners – You still hand wash your car? No need for all that effort.

Electric Pressure Washer 2200 PSI 1.8 GPM


Easy and swift power wash of many surfaces

Ivation’s power washing system is molded with versatility for a wide range of cleaning tasks. The heavy duty 2200-PSI pressure effectively cleanses a wide range of surfaces.

Cleansing power

The motor utilizes 14.5-amp and 1600 watts to generate a convenient flow of water. With a rating of 1.8 GPM and 2200 PSI, this flow wipes off slack paint, strong dirt, mold and grime on many surfaces.

Easy to operate

This pressure washer has 5 interchangeable spray-nozzle attachments in 0, 15, 25 and 40 degree specifications. To use the pressure washer, simply connect the copper hose and switch on the adapter. It’s an easy 30-second setup. If the garden hose is unavailable, the self-suction function enables you to use the standing water.

Extra turbo spray wand

It brings along flexibility for spots that prove difficult to reach such as second stories and car undercarriages.

Features of convenience

With an inbuilt TSS technology, the Ivation Washer automatically initializes the pump auto-shutoff in case the nozzle gun is no longer in use. The incorporated soap dispenser offers deeper cleaning at the touch of a button. It also becomes silent upon release of its spraying handle. Its compartments are spacious enough for your cleaning tools.

What’s So Great About The Ivation Electric Pressure Washer?

  1. 5 interchangeable spray nozzles for different pressure options
  2. Auto-shutoff and self-suction
  3. Swift and easy 30-second setup
  4. Simple to use
  5. Soap-dispense feature
  6. Versatility

What’s Not So Great About The Ivation Electric Pressure Washer?

  1. No specifications on length of power cord

Is This A Great Purchase?

It is a great purchase because all its features, versatility and simplicity of use.

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