Mi-T-M CM-1400-0MEH Review

The Mi-T-M CM-1400-0MEH Cold Water Electric Drive, 1.5 HP Motor, 120V, 13A, 1400 PSI Portable Pressure Washer has been designed for many cleaning jobs. Lightweight and compact, the hand carry electric model is, in our opinion, a great choice.

That said, this pressure washer comes with some nice features. Here is the outline.


  • Fan cooled electric motor with a manual reset protection for thermal overload
  • 35 ft power cord with 15-amp plug
  • 25 foot wire braided pressure hose
  • Professional grade trigger gun
  • Other components such as oil drain, sight glass and fill port

What’s So Great About The Mi-T-M CM-1400-0MEH?

  1. Pressure adjustment: This pressure washer has an automatic safety valve with low pressure by-pass which Mi-T-M CM-1400-0MEHallows for pressure adjustment. The pressure gauge is well fitted with a detergent injector with low pressure soap that allows you to use the proper amount of soap for the job.
  2. Compact and Portable: This unit is middle sized which allows for mobility from one point to another. A combination of the medium size and ease of use makes this pressure washer a nice one for easier cleaning.
  3. Cleaning power: The Mi-T-M CM-1400-0MEH portable pressure washer comes with a powerful engine that can handle high voltage for cleaning.
  4. Ease of movement: The detergent tank and the handle allows for easier movement between jobs.

Is This A Great Purchase?

In our opinion, the Mi-T-M CM-1400-0MEH Cold Water Electric Drive, 1.5 HP Motor Portable Pressure Washer is a great buy because of the range of features and benefits it provides.

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