Powerplay PJR2000 Review

An electric pressure washer or a power washer is a high pressure sprayer that is used for eliminating dirt like stuffs or for removing paint from the concrete surfaces or vehicles and buildings. Powerplay PJR2000 PressureJet 2000 psi Annovi Reverberi Axial Pump Electric Pressure Washer with 1.4-GPM Flow Rate, 120-volt is an electric pressure washer that some people have recommended to me.


  • Has a universal 120 volt engine (electric motor) generic cialis 60 mg.Powerplay PJR2000 Review
  • This pressure washer gives a performance of 2000 psi at 1.4 GPM.
  • It has the capability to hold cold water.
  • Product weight is 27.5 lbs.
  • The height of the entire product is 35.5 inches.
  • It contains a spacious detergent tank.
  • This product also comes with a 3 feet textile hose and 35 feet GFIC power cord.
  • The pressure washer consists of a pressurized hose reel.
  • It can clean a maximum area of 2800 units.
  • Got an electric start.

What’s So Great About The Powerplay PJR2000?

  1. Powerplay PJR2000 PressureJet provides you with 1.4 GPM Flow Rate.
  2. It has an electric start that helps in easy turnover for the huge engine.
  3. There is no requirement of pulling or cussing. You just have to push a button and it will start working.
  4. This pressure washer has a thermo sensor which prevents overheating in bypass mode.
  5. The low oil shutdown protects the motor as well as the pump.
  6. The Annovi Reverberi pump is highly durable and lasts for long.
  7. It has been well engineered to maintain its longevity and reliability.

What’s Not So Great About The Powerplay PJR2000?

  1. One drawback of the electric pressure washer is that it requires an electric source to be accessed.
  2. Requiring electric source also means that you cannot use it everywhere if no source available.
  3. It is a big problem to handle in business and residential areas because of its noise.

Is This A Great Purchase?

The Powerplay PJR2000 PressureJet 2000 psi Annovi Reverberi Axial Pump Electric Pressure Washer due to its features, in my opinion, is a value for money product.

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