Pulsar PWE2000 Review

The Pulsar PWE2000 is, in my opinion, a high quality pressure washer. With 1.6-GPM, it generates 3200 cleaning units. Moreover, this electrical pressure washer has GFCI overload protection, a hose reel, and 35 feet cord storage. It also has a patented four position select wand that consists of concentrated and dispersed spray patterns combined with a low pressure chemical option and high pressure turbo position for improved cleaning ability along with wand holster and mobility kit.


  • MAX pressure: 2000-psi
  • 25 ft. high pressure hose\2-way hose connector
  • 35 ft. UL approved power cable and an auto tower reset GFCI
  • 3-Style needle
  • Built-in hose reel
  • 1.6 GPM rated flow

Pulsar PWE2000 ReviewWhat’s So Good About The Pulsar PWE2000?

    1. Cost effective

All one needs is to connect it to a standard socket. Since they do not require petrol, they are less expensive to run.

    1. Environmentally friendly

Since this electric pressure washer does not run on fuel, it does not emit any pollutants making them environmental friendly.

    1. Versatility

This pressure wash has features that are designed to clean. It has a wide variety of nozzles, wands, and brushes to use when cleaning.

    1. Light weight

This machine is very light, making it easy to move around while you are cleaning.

What’s Not So Good About The Pulsar PWE2000?

    1. Needs electricity source

One downside with this product is that it needs to be plugged to a nearby power socket. However, this can be solved by using extension cables.

Is This A Great Purchase?

Designed to be lightweight, the Pulsar PWE2000 also saves on fuel and the environment. The bumper is all aluminum, but can also use the current XHD D-rings. Each bumper usually comes with an inbuilt top-filler plate. These fillers also comes with cut-out and mounting points for factory fog lights, giving it a ‘jeep-style’ front slat look. In our opinion, this is a good product for easy and effective cleaning.

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