Rockford CPU0207 Review

The Rockford CPU0207 2,000 PSI 1.6 GPM Electric Pressure Washer is a great product for use around the home. Rockford has produced a washer with enough power to clean off dirt and grease from the patio, wash the driveway and even the car. This product can be used by anyone for any occasional cleaning job or put to work more regularly.


  • 2,000 PSI; 1.6 GPM
  • Two built-in detergent tanks
  • Two Spray Wands
  • On-board storage reel for hose

What’s So Great About The Rockford CPU0207?

CPU0207The washer is constructed to a good standard and also practical and easy to assemble quickly and being electric there is no need to worry about running out of fuel. With an impressive 2,000 PSI it also packs plenty of power to do an greatjob washing, especially when combined with its adjustable wand attachments, helping you can clean many surfaces effectively. Paving stones, pathways or driveways and other areas that are harder to clean may require using the more stronger turbo nozzle. For jobs that don’t require quite so much pressure the jet fan spray gives you a wider and adjustable stream of water. The jet fan spray is good for washing the car and for cleaning wider areas that need less concentrated pressure. The two built-in detergent tanks work well to put down soap or detergent to eat into the dirt before blasting it off with the turbo and being on-board the machine saves time and hassle of having to manually do this. A great feature is the on-board hose reel, enabling up to 20ft of high pressure hose to be stored on the unit itself. Removing the problem of kinks forming and damaging the hose and also providing an easier and quicker way to wrap the hose after finishing washing. This feature also makes storing the machine easier and neater than having to store the hose separately.

What’s Not So Great About The Rockford CPU0207?

Despite its specifications and features the Rockford CPU0207 does have one minor design drawback. As some users of the washer may have noted, the unit itself is a little top heavy. It can sometimes be important to be mindful and careful not to tip it over, this can be achieved by just making sure that the pressure hose line or the wand attachment line is not pulled tight so as to pull on the machine.

Is This A Great Purchase?

Overall the unit has many more ticks in the pros column than in the cons column making this washer an overall great purchase. From its 2,000 PSI to its on board hose reel and adjustable spray wands the Rockford CPU0207 Electric Pressure Washer possesses both power and versatility.


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