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Sun Joe SPX3000 Review

The Sun Joe SPX3000 electric pressure washer comes with a motor to pump water at a high pressure. With the high pressure, the machine can be used to remove dirt, grease and oil stains.

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The Sun Joe SPX3000 is built with several features that make it good in removing stubborn stains. First, the electric washer comes with a powerful motor at 14.5amps and 1800 watts. This motor is capable of generating up to 2030 psi pressure and 1.76gpm of high flowing water pressure.

Selection Dial For Detergent

The Sun Joe SPX3000 provides dual detergent tanks to help fight the dirt in different places. Another feature of this pressure washer is that the person using it has the option to choose which detergent they want to use by pressing on a selection dial.

Hand Trigger

When washing in different places you get the choice of selection of either the trigger gun or the spray wand holder. Since the washer comes with a long hose to give versatility during cleaning, the gun can be switched on and off when the need to scrub arises. The washer also comes with a garden hose adapter that allows connection to the central washer easier. When the trigger is not in use, the pump is automatically shut off to save power and waste of detergent.

What’s So Good About The Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM Electric Pressure Washer, 14.5-Amp?

Obtaining the Sun Joe SPX3000 for your home brings many advantages. It is flexible to use in different areas be it floors, inside your rooms and also patios. The lowest pressure nozzle in this washer makes it easy to wash your cars.

The washer allows the person using it to regulate the amount of cleaner to be sprayed during use. The machine comes with five nozzles changed depending on what is to be cleaned.

Is This A Great Purchase?

To the people who love using pressure washers, the Sun Joe SPX3000 is a great purchase! The pressure washer offers five different nozzles that work in all different sorts of cleaning environments. Control of the machine through the selection dial for the detergent tanks makes life a lot easier when accomplishing different cleaning tasks. Last but not least, the trigger shuts off the pump automatically when the trigger is not in use, thus saving power and preventing the waste of detergent.

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