Top 5 Electric Pressure Washer Accessories 2016

Pressure washers make cleaning easy and fast and provide better results compared to conventional cleaning. There are many types of pressure washers, but the electric pressure washer is popular with many people owing to its ease of operation and low maintenance costs. However, no matter the type of pressure washer, there will always be the need for accessories. As such, here are the top five electric pressure washer accessories you need to know about.

1. Hoses

Most pressure washers come with a standard hose. This is in many cases limiting for most people with respect to distance, as they have to keep a distance of not more than this length when cleaning. Furthermore, some hoses cannot withstand high pressure, and they may develop leakages or even burst with time. Fortunately, users have the option of buying other hoses for their electric pressure washers. They come in different sizes and quality giving the user a variety to choose from. However, not all hoses are compatible with all washers so it is wise to first check compatibility before taking it home.

2. Wands

Electric pressure washers are not as strong as gas pressure washers, and as such, some of their wands are made out of plastic rather than steel or aluminum. Consequently, the wands are easily prone to damage after extensive use and also if they are not stored carefully. They may break or develop a puncture, affecting the way they work and the process as a whole. This may happen now and then, either due to careless storage or depreciation over time, but when it does, you can always buy another wand.

3. Electric Cord

This is another accessory you may want to replace when you buy a pressure washer. Many pressure washers do not come with a long enough electric cord to allow much movement, and the user has to be close to a power outlet. This may not be possible if the place you wish to clean and the power outlet are far apart. This is an obstacle that can be easily overcome by buying and fixing a longer electric cord.

4. Brush Attachments

A pressure washer, all by itself, may not be capable of cleaning out all the dirt especially if the dirt is stuck. As such, it is wise to fit it with brush attachments when cleaning. They are useful for cleaning off dirt. Buy a brush that is compatible with your electric pressure water gun or better still buy a gun with brushes already attached to them.

5. Detergents

Detergents are, in our opinion, necessary while cleaning. The detergents come in different qualities. To get great results, buy manufacturer made detergents as they meet the required standards and provide results. Try also to make the world greener by buying environmentally friendly detergents if and when you can.

Of all the accessories, these are the top five electric pressure washer accessories you may want to purchase for smooth cleaning.