Pulsar PWE1800 Review

Pulsar PWE1800 Electrical Pressure Washer, 1800 PSI has a high-pressure output of 1800 PSI cialis canada vendre. Its rated flow is 1.6 water gallons per minute for every 2880 cleaning units. It has a 2 HP AC electrical motor that is connected to an axial pump for performance and long life. Additionally, it features a 35 foot UL power cable, an auto reset GFCI tower and automatic shut off to ensure security and safety. In essence, the Pulsar PWE1800 Electrical Pressure Washer, 1800 PSI is designed to provide performance, portability and power.


Pulsar PWE1800 ReviewThe Pulsar PWE1800 Electrical Pressure Washer, 1800 PSI is a product of Pulsar. Its motor is universal with a 120 single phase voltage, 13 Amps, and a power cord length of 35 feet GFCI. The hose is 25 feet long with a ¼ inch diameter. It is made of plastic material and its connections are threaded. The electric pressure washer weighs 9.07 kilograms with dimensions of 28.70 x 26.67 x 86.36cm.

The Pulsar PWE1800 Electrical Pressure Washer, 1800 PSI features a lightweight, compact vertical cabinet and wheels that make it easy to store and move. It has an on-board storage for accessories to keep the hose, spray gun and wand organized. It has an automatic shut off system that prompts the motor to stop once the trigger is released. Its spray nozzle is adjustable from a wide sprayer to a pencil point sprayer. In addition, it has an on-board detergent bottle that is easy to clean and store. It adds detergent to the water at low pressure.

What’s So Great About The Pulsar PWE1800?

Hose to unit connections is metallic. It has a neat wand with a four position dispersion pattern as opposed to the regular flange method. The forth dispersion position takes the water and vacillates it so that the pressure washer works fast. Pulsar PWE1800 Electrical Pressure Washer is not noisy, and it shuts off automatically when there is no water flowing through to save the pump and motor life. Lastly, it features a caddy at the back that holds the wand and power cord. Therefore, you can store it without the usual mess of hoses and cords laying around.

What’s Not So Great About The Pulsar PWE1800?

It has been made from a lot of plastic. Some customers have complained that the wheels hardly spanned after they were attached. It is not great for commercial use so; it should be used on small deck areas, cedar sidings and concretes. Additionally, it takes a while to wash out the pump.

Is This A Great Purchase?

It is a great purchase because it is a good and powerful machine that delivers. It is nicely set up, works well and is easy to operate.

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