5 Best Pressure Washer Under $400 | For Top Range Users

Getting a top quality home improvement pressure washer for less than $400 is a good thing. They’re sometimes twice as fast and effective as electric models; however, they’re perhaps not as impressive as commercial pressure washers.

If you intend to have the pressure washer out more often, especially if you will use it more often than several times a year, it is smart to buy one. Fortunately, you will find several cheap gas pressure washers out there.

In the following article, we list the most valuable pressure washers under $400 based on several criteria we gathered. We had a really difficult time finding one that fit our criteria, but we have chosen these best pressure-washers as a result.

5 Best Pressure Washer Under $400 | For Top Range Users


1. SIMPSON MS60763-S MegaShot

Best Pressure Washer Under 300

An excellent pressure washer that you may want to consider purchasing and is under $400 in price is the Simpson Clean Machine gas pressure-washer. It has a premium residential engine and is constructed of axial cam pump technology. It also comes free of charge from the manufacturer.

In addition, the pressure washer has unique quick-connect connections with five different types to wash various surfaces. Nonetheless, the frames of the pressure washer are made from welded steel. To keep the pump from overfilling, you must always fill it to the bottom of the filler neck.

1. Powerboss Pressure washer 3100 PSI

Powerboss Pressure washer 3100 PSI

You can give this Powerboss Pressure washer 3100 PSI a shot if you think it is the cleaner you need. It will help you finish your cleaning work efficiently and effectively.

Easy-start technology makes the machine incredibly easy to start, even for beginners. It’s made from a durable engine capable of handling medium-duty cleaning duties.

It includes a detergent tank that can hold any liquid detergent of your choice. Additionally, the pressure washer features four quick-connect spray tips.

Also, the machine has its hose with high-pressure and long enough length to clean outdoors easily and fast.

3. WEN PW3100 Gas Pressure Washer

Best Pressure Washer Under 300

This WEN PW3100 Gas Pressure Washer can enhance allergens’ appearance and make them unreachable while also making it undesirable to draw into the area.

The WEN PW3100 gas pressure washer is ideal for providing you with a thorough cleaning. It is possible to deep clean long walls, floors, pavers, furniture, and vinyl coverings by spending about $300.

Cleaning up the dirt and scarring to recreate the original look and clean the surface underneath is easier than ever with a WEN 3100 PSI Pressure Washer.

Several impressive features accompany this WEN 3100 gas pressure washer, including a powerful engine that can deliver 2.5 gallons of water per second, along with a 30-foot hose that offers a wide range of reach.

Among the four nozzles you can use, the soap nozzle enables you to deal with various surface sensitivities. It is recommended to use it with soap to clean bikes, bikes, and even cars within this gas pressure washer.

It is possible to move the equipment from the grass to marbles with its 12 inches wheels. The wheels enable easy mobility and movement across different terrains.

4. Sun Joe SPX2598 Electric Pressure Washer

Best Pressure Washer Under 300

A 14.5-amp motor powers the Sun Joe SPX2598 Electric Pressure Washer that delivers 2 000 PSI in 1.65 GPM.

There are wheels on it, making it the perfect choice for light or medium-duty cleaning jobs on your property, car, patio, driveway, porch, or deck. It weighs about 17 lbs.

It includes a complete Stop System that shuts down the pump unless the cause is still active.

A pump that offers an extended life span saves energy and helps avert injuries be expected since it is designed with safety features.

Each sample of CSA is evaluated at a maximum internal pressure of 2000 PSI, which is impressive for its small size since it certainly gets to the bottom of every stain.

Your water heater should be filled to a maximum of 0.7 MPA when you have an average cleaning job, and a PSI of 1450 will usually be enough.

The water flow and pressure can be adjusted based on cleaning being carried out, saving you time and money.

By twisting the spray wand’s front line, the user can easily alter the spray pattern and water stream. The 33.8 fluid-ounce detergent container lets you store and use your soap or solvent to remove tough stains around the home.

5. SIMPSON pressure washers

SIMPSON pressure washers

SIMPSON pressure washers have emerged as a favorite due to their outstanding performance, which surpasses other models.

The Honda GX200 engine is powered by Honda, which carries a three-year warranty to provide consumers with a feeling of trustworthiness.

While not approaching the top performance scale, the engine is still productive enough to handle a significant workload.

With AAA industrial plunger pumps, PowerBoost technology has been reinforced, which communicates that any anxiety level will be managed without rippling apart further with a triplex pump.

With 3300 Watts per square inch and 2.5 gallons of water per minute, it slashes 8250 cleaning power through the obstinate debris and stains.

Furthermore, the Morflex hose is more elastic, so it can reach wide spans and is more resistant to abrasion, which means making that waste off is not a problem.

It is well built. It has a steel framework and powder-coated powder coating that endows it with the longevity and power to stand up to the most extreme weather conditions.

The hard-to-reach areas can be cleaned up faster with our 10″ pneumatic wheels since they easily roll around on any surface.

The device can be used to clean sidings and patios, cars, mold, graffiti, and other exterior surfaces before painting and professional and residential use.


The decision to purchase a pressure washer can be confusing; after all, the process involves several factors, and each model has its pros and cons. However, if you know what you are seeking, the decision becomes more accessible.

Throughout this article, we have discussed a couple of the best pressure washers under $400. We hope that the description and characteristics of these pressure washers have helped you make a decision. Quick specifications give a breakdown of the technical requirements, but if you also want to know more, you can check out the pros and cons and the editors’ verdict on each review.

If you want your decks, driveways, or garage floors to look like new, then get a pressure washer right now. You’ll be able to keep your house clean and make it last longer too.

Let us know if you have some questions, concerns, or suggestions about the pressure-washers mentioned on this site, and we will respond as soon as possible.

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