5 Best Pressure Washer Under $400 | For Top Range Users

Getting a top quality home improvement pressure washer for less than $400 is a good thing. They’re sometimes twice as fast and effective as electric models; however, they’re perhaps not as impressive as commercial pressure washers.

If you intend to have the pressure washer out more often, especially if you will use it more often than several times a year, it is smart to buy one. Fortunately, you will find several cheap gas pressure washers out there.

In the following article, we list the most valuable pressure washers under $400 based on several criteria we gathered. We had a really difficult time finding one that fit our criteria, but we have chosen these best pressure-washers as a result.

IF you were looking best midrange budget pressure washer, then check here for the Best Pressure Washer Under 300 USD price range.

5 Best Pressure Washer Under $400 | For Top Range Users

Best Pressure Washer Under $500Check Price
1. Powerboss Pressure washer 3100 PSI Check
2. SIMPSON Pressure Washers Check
3. Champion 3200-PSI Pressure Washer Check
4. SIMPSON MS60763-S MegaShot Check
5. AR Annovi Reverberi Blue Check
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1. SIMPSON MS60763-S MegaShot

Best Pressure Washer Under 300

An excellent pressure washer that you may want to consider purchasing and is under $400 in price is the Simpson Clean Machine gas pressure-washer. It has a premium residential engine and is constructed of axial cam pump technology. It also comes free of charge from the manufacturer.

In addition, the pressure washer has unique quick-connect connections with five different types to wash various surfaces. Nonetheless, the frames of the pressure washer are made from welded steel. To keep the pump from overfilling, you must always fill it to the bottom of the filler neck.

2. Powerboss Pressure washer 3100 PSI

Powerboss Pressure washer 3100 PSI

You can give this Powerboss Pressure washer 3100 PSI a shot if you think it is the cleaner you need. It will help you finish your cleaning work efficiently and effectively.

Easy-start technology makes the machine incredibly easy to start, even for beginners. It’s made from a durable engine capable of handling medium-duty cleaning duties.

It includes a detergent tank that can hold any liquid detergent of your choice. Additionally, the pressure washer features four quick-connect spray tips.

Also, the machine has its hose with high-pressure and long enough length to clean outdoors easily and fast.

3. WEN PW3100 Gas Pressure Washer

Best Pressure Washer Under 300

This WEN PW3100 Gas Pressure Washer can enhance allergens’ appearance and make them unreachable while also making it undesirable to draw into the area.

The WEN PW3100 gas pressure washer is ideal for providing you with a thorough cleaning. It is possible to deep clean long walls, floors, pavers, furniture, and vinyl coverings by spending about $300.

Cleaning up the dirt and scarring to recreate the original look and clean the surface underneath is easier than ever with a WEN 3100 PSI Pressure Washer.

Several impressive features accompany this WEN 3100 gas pressure washer, including a powerful engine that can deliver 2.5 gallons of water per second, along with a 30-foot hose that offers a wide range of reach.

Among the four nozzles you can use, the soap nozzle enables you to deal with various surface sensitivities. It is recommended to use it with soap to clean bikes, bikes, and even cars within this gas pressure washer.

It is possible to move the equipment from the grass to marbles with its 12 inches wheels. The wheels enable easy mobility and movement across different terrains.

4. Sun Joe SPX2598 Electric Pressure Washer

Best Pressure Washer Under 300

A 14.5-amp motor powers the Sun Joe SPX2598 Electric Pressure Washer that delivers 2 000 PSI in 1.65 GPM.

There are wheels on it, making it the perfect choice for light or medium-duty cleaning jobs on your property, car, patio, driveway, porch, or deck. It weighs about 17 lbs.

It includes a complete Stop System that shuts down the pump unless the cause is still active.

A pump that offers an extended life span saves energy and helps avert injuries be expected since it is designed with safety features.

Each sample of CSA is evaluated at a maximum internal pressure of 2000 PSI, which is impressive for its small size since it certainly gets to the bottom of every stain.

Your water heater should be filled to a maximum of 0.7 MPA when you have an average cleaning job, and a PSI of 1450 will usually be enough.

The water flow and pressure can be adjusted based on cleaning being carried out, saving you time and money.

By twisting the spray wand’s front line, the user can easily alter the spray pattern and water stream. The 33.8 fluid-ounce detergent container lets you store and use your soap or solvent to remove tough stains around the home.

5. SIMPSON Pressure Washers

SIMPSON pressure washers

SIMPSON pressure washers have emerged as a favorite due to their outstanding performance, which surpasses other models.

The Honda GX200 engine is powered by Honda, which carries a three-year warranty to provide consumers with a feeling of trustworthiness.

While not approaching the top performance scale, the engine is still productive enough to handle a significant workload.

With AAA industrial plunger pumps, PowerBoost technology has been reinforced, which communicates that any anxiety level will be managed without rippling apart further with a triplex pump.

With 3300 Watts per square inch and 2.5 gallons of water per minute, it slashes 8250 cleaning power through the obstinate debris and stains.

Furthermore, the Morflex hose is more elastic, so it can reach wide spans and is more resistant to abrasion, which means making that waste off is not a problem.

It is well built. It has a steel framework and powder-coated powder coating that endows it with the longevity and power to stand up to the most extreme weather conditions.

The hard-to-reach areas can be cleaned up faster with our 10″ pneumatic wheels since they easily roll around on any surface.

The device can be used to clean sidings and patios, cars, mold, graffiti, and other exterior surfaces before painting and professional and residential use.


The decision to purchase a pressure washer can be confusing; after all, the process involves several factors, and each model has its pros and cons. However, if you know what you are seeking, the decision becomes more accessible.

Throughout this article, we have discussed a couple of the best pressure washers under $400. We hope that the description and characteristics of these pressure washers have helped you make a decision. Quick specifications give a breakdown of the technical requirements, but if you also want to know more, you can check out the pros and cons and the editors’ verdict on each review.

If you want your decks, driveways, or garage floors to look like new, then get a pressure washer right now. You’ll be able to keep your house clean and make it last longer too.

Let us know if you have some questions, concerns, or suggestions about the pressure-washers mentioned on this site, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Pressure Washer

The best power washers are often the subject of constant user queries. Providing answers to the question, below is a list of frequently asked questions by users.

1. Using a cleaning wand on the pressure washer, can I use it to clean my car?

The pressure washer manufacturer’s guidelines regarding car washing suggest using the correct nozzle and a lower PSI to avoid damaging the vehicle’s paint. For questions regarding vehicle washing, check your pressure washer’s manufacturer for more information.

0 Degrees – 

0-degree nozzles are ideal for the most challenging jobs. They provide an efficient jet of water that deters dirt and grime, as well as ground-in debris.

15 Degrees –

Water from the 15-degree nozzle is lighter than the 70-degree nozzle, making it ideal for cleaning and stripping most surfaces.

25 Degrees – 

Using the 25-degree nozzle provides excellent cleaning performance on siding, decks, driveways, and pavers.

 40 Degrees – 

It is best to use a 40-degree nozzle if you have any delicate surfaces like furniture with chalk paint on it. This will put out a heavier stream of water at a slower speed.

 Soap/Low Pressure – 

When you’re ready to wash your car, RV, or truck, you will use this nozzle to combine water with cleaning agents to make suds.

2. How should I wash my pressure washer with soap or detergent?

Your pressure washer manufacturer recommends using only the brand of soap he/she provides with your pressure washer. You can search the manual to determine which brand is recommended by the manufacturer. It is recommended that only pressure washer specific detergents be used, and there are instructions included that go along with them. Anyone you don’t follow these instructions might damage your pressure washer.

3. What could be the reason why your high pressure hose is leaking?

If this is the case, you need to replace the O-Ring so that the pressure washer operates at its maximum pressure.

4. Why does my pressure washer make strange noises? What should I do?

Typically, noisy pressure washers are caused by the water being used instead of cool water in your outdoor water faucet. Inspect your outdoor water faucet to check whether it is being used with cold instead of hot water. The pressure washer may malfunction if it is overheated. It would be best if you also emptied the hose when not in use as the remaining water can heat up in the sun once it has stopped flowing. Check the air pressure to see how it works.

5. Can you say a little about the different types of nozzles I received with my pressure washer?

Typically, the nozzles have different levels of cleaning power depending on which color they are assigned. For your safety, you should read through the user guide before using it, but they act like this:

6. Would it be possible for me to use open water, such as a pond or a lake, for my pressure washer?

It would be best if you did not do that because the water might contain harmful debris that could harm the pressure washer.

7. How can I resolve the fact that the pressure in my pressure washer is inconsistent?

A dirty air filter in your pressure washer can cause this, so make sure your water inlet is thoroughly cleaned. Make sure your pressure washer can pump water efficiently in and out.

8. If you are not using your pressure washer, how and where should you store it?

Store your pressure washer in a dry and clean place, away from sunlight and moisture. Always drain your pressure washer of all the water and oil before storing it.

9. How can I clean the nozzle of my pressure washer?

Installing a small piece of wire in the nozzle helps clean any particulate or dirt stuck. Then you can flush it out with water to clean it further.

10. How much oil should I add to the pump?

If you have a home pressure washer, use the type of oil that the manufacturer has recommended. Using any other kind of oil might damage the components within your pressure washer. Check your pressure washer’s manual or manufacturer’s website for more information.

How To Choose The Best Electric Pressure Washer: The Ultimate Guide

Once you decide to purchase an electric pressure washer, you may think half the battle is won. However, there are several things to consider before buying the first electric pressure washer you see.

What is an Electric Pressure Washer?

Imagine you are using your garden hose with the sprayer attached. The water pressure coming out of the end is around 40 pounds per square inch (PSI). While this is considerably more pressure than what comes out of the end of the hose without the sprayer attached, this is still nothing compared to an electric pressure washer. An electric pressure washer uses an electric motor to increase the amount of pressure that forces the water out of the hose at an amazing 1000 up to 4000 PSI to power stains off of nearly any surface.

When trying to decide on the best electric power washer, there are several things to consider to ensure that you purchase the best that meets your needs.

Consumer Power Washers

Consumer power washers have a pump and engine that are considered consumer-grade. This means they are only designed to handle weekly cleaning of your car, or maybe a yearly siding wash. They are not meant to be used every day, and if they are, their engines and pumps will typically wear out very quickly.

Choosing the Best Electric Consumer Power Washer

Electric power washers that are in the Consumer category are available in four different sizes. The handheld size, which is around 1350 – 1600 PSI; the medium ranges from 1600 – 1700 PSI; the large, which ranges from 1750 – 1850 PSI; and the extra-large, which is from 1900 – 2000 PSI.


When trying to decide which handheld electric pressure washer is best for you, you need to consider three things:

  • What you plan to clean, and how often
  • The type of motor
  • How easy it is to use

 1. What You Plan to Clean

The handheld electric pressure washer is designed to be the lightest and easiest to use. You can use this size to clean your outdoor lawn furniture, your car, or your grill. If you attempt to wash larger items with a handheld pressure washer, not only will it take more time to get the job done, it could also burn the unit out rather quickly.

2. Motor

Electric handhelds will have a universal or induction motor. The universal motors are less expensive and are great for those who do not use their washers very often. Induction motors are found in the more powerful electric handheld washers. These engines are more expensive, but the motor will stand up to more use than the universal motors.

3. Ease of Use

Electric handheld pressure washers are the most accessible units to use. They are lightweight, which makes carrying them all over your home reasonably easy. They also run on a normal electrical outlet, so all you need to do is plug the unit in and get to cleaning. This unit is small enough to fit easily on a shelf in your garage when you are done.


The medium sized pressure washer is larger than the handheld unit and is generally on wheels, making it easier to move around.

What You Plan to Clean

The medium electric pressure washer is designed to handle jobs such as cleaning balconies or small patios. These units are not intended to hold up to larger jobs like cleaning large deck areas or cleaning the siding on our home. These jobs will cause the motor to burn out much more quickly.

1. Motor/Detergent Tanks

An excellent medium sized pressure washer will have an induction motor that will provide the extra pressure without pushing the engine too much. Medium-sized electric power washers also have detergent tanks, with some even having dual tanks for more convenience. These will allow you to add the power of detergents in addition to the said PSI, which means you will be able to handle rather dirty areas.

2. Ease of Use

Medium electric power washers provide easier maneuverability with wheels, and the detergent tanks make cleaning even the most challenging jobs a bit easier.

3. Large

Large pressure washers provide more pressure for cleaning, as well as additional features for better performance. More oversized washers also tend to have better motors, so they will generally last longer as well.

What You Plan to Clean

Large electric power washers are great for removing moss, and other stuck on grime, small to medium sized patios, walkways, and decks. They can also handle larger jobs such as the siding on small homes, but they may not last as long under these conditions.

1. Motor/Detergent Tanks

The best large pressure washers will feature induction motors. These motors will last longer than the small universal motors. These electric pressure washers will also feature detergent tanks for added cleaning power for the cleanup of mold or mildew from your outdoor surfaces.

2. Pumps

Large pressure washers will also feature a pump. The Wobble or axial pumps are cheaper and generally only rated for up to 100 hours of use. The best pumps are Triplex pumps, which provide more performance and a longer life span of use. Pressure washers with these pumps do cost more, but the trade off is that you can usually have this type of pump rebuilt rather than replace the entire unit.

Extra Large

Extra-large electric power washers offer the highest PSI ratings, as well as better quality pumps and motors. They also provide additional features to make cleaning a bit easier.

1. What You Plan to Clean

Extra-large power washers will provide the best cleaning experience. The additional power allows them to hold up to cleaning everything from sidewalks to patios to large decks, with the worry of burning up the motors very quickly. These washers can also power through smaller tasks much faster than their smaller counterparts.

2. Motor/Detergent Tanks

Extra-large electric pressure washers should ideally come with an induction motor to ensure they last longer. Smaller brush motors work fine for smaller units, but they often cannot stand up to the power of the larger size. These washers also come with detergent tanks, with some of them having two, which makes cleaning even easier.

3. Pump

Extra-large power washers are available with either the Wobble or axial pumps and the Triplex pumps. If you plan on being a power washing genius, the Triplex pump will be the best choice for holding up to more frequent uses. These pumps can also be rebuilt in the event of a problem, making replacement much cheaper. Wobble and axial pumps are designed for much less use, and it is generally more affordable to replace the power washer than it is to replace or repair the pump.

4. Ease of Use

Extra-large electric power washers are larger, but they also include wheels for ease of movement. Many models also feature hose reels to keep everything tidy when you are ready to put it away.

Choosing the Best Electric Power Washer for Your Needs

When choosing the best electric power washer for your needs, you need to make sure that you select the correct size. Power washers are not all created equal, and if you choose a smaller size to save money, you will burn out the motor if you continually use it for larger jobs. While you might save money on the initial purchase, you will end up spending more in the long run when you have to replace the entire unit.

Why Do We Need To Get The Best Electric Pressure Washer?

Electric power washers are generally a relatively expensive purchase. When you take the time to compare the available PSI for the size you need, you will be purchasing a unit that will provide you with more cleaning power. This means you will not need to run the unit for extended periods to get the same size jobs completed, which will ensure that the unit lasts longer.

Buying the best power washer will generally provide you with more features and better motors and pumps, depending on your purchase size. The best pressure washers will provide you with the proper power to get the job done, as well as an overall well built washer. This means you will purchase an electric power washer built to last, so you can focus on your cleaning rather than any parts breaking or falling off.

The added features such as detergent tanks and hose reels on the best power washers will also provide you with extra benefits and ease of use, making them generally easier to deal with all the way around. While you can spend less on a power washer, purchasing the best one will make sure it lasts for much longer than the others.


Most pressure washers come with a standard hose measuring about 20 feet. This is in many cases limiting for most people with respect to distance, as they have to keep a distance of not more than this length when cleaning. Furthermore, some hoses cannot withstand high pressure, and they may develop leakages or even burst with time. Fortunately, users have the option of buying other hoses for their electric pressure washers. They come in different sizes and quality giving the user a variety to choose from. However, not all hoses are compatible with all washers so it is wise to first check compatibility before taking it home.


Electric pressure washers are not as strong as gas pressure washers, and as such, their wands are made out of plastic rather than steel or aluminum. Consequently, the wands are easily prone to damage after extensive use and also if they are not stored carefully. They may break or develop a puncture, affecting the way they work and the process as a whole. This may happen now and then, either due to careless storage or depreciation over time, but when it does, you can always buy another wand. Besides, they are cheap and easy to install.

Electric Cord

This is another accessory you may want to replace when you buy a pressure washer. Most pressure washers do not come with a long enough electric cord to allow much movement, and the user has to be close to a power outlet. This may not be possible if the place you wish to clean and the power outlet are far apart. This is an obstacle that can be easily overcome by buying and fixing a longer electric cord. Also, make sure that it is capable of handling high power current to avoid shock in case of a power surge.

Brush Attachments

A pressure washer, all by itself, may not be capable of cleaning out all the dirt especially if the dirt is stuck. As such, it is wise to fit it with brush attachments when cleaning. They are very useful for cleaning off all types of dirt regardless of how tough they are. Buy a brush that is compatible with your electric pressure water gun or better still buy a gun with brushes already attached to them. The process will be faster and easier and the results better than before.


Detergents are necessary while cleaning, and the pressure washer will not work optimally without detergents. This is hence a necessary accessory that you will have to purchase every now and then. The detergents come in different qualities. To get the best results, buy manufacturer made detergents as they meet all the required standards and provide excellent results. Try also to make the world greener by buying environmentally friendly detergents if and when you can.

Of all the accessories, these are the top five electric pressure washer accessories you may want to purchase for smooth cleaning that is guaranteed to provide better results.

Special features

Modern pressure washers have safety features. These features are in place to keep you from being harmed while using the device. As you buy an electric pressure washer, make sure it has a complete stop system. This is a switch that cuts off power to the unit. You can also set it to turn the power on or off before you use it or after you finish using it.

The water emerges from this unit under very high pressure. Thus, there is a valve that you can use to prevent the unit from starting up when it’s not in its safe zone. This keeps you and everyone else around it safe. The highest rated electric pressure washers always have this feature. You should also ensure that it has a warranty. This ensures that you get proper repair or replacement in case your unit malfunctions.

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